Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Selling Venues Other Than eBay

I am getting ready to teach an introduction to website selling soon. In my research I have found the following sites that have fees much like eBay, are free or only charge when you sell a product:

www.bonanzle.com ,
www.bonanzle.com ,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Decorative Copper and Gold Balls

Here are two pictures showing some metal spears and/or balls that we have found to be a very unique and beautiful way to add to an existing arrangement/venue that you have created. They catch the light while having a vintage antique look that we all love.

They measure from 16 inches around the ball down to 12" around the ball.

Rustic Lodge Style Christmas Ornaments Free Shipping

A few of my eBay items
- qsell

Clip On Old Fashioned Artificial Candle Ornament

Little Girl with Pink TuTu Ballerina Ornament

Little Girl with Lavender TuTu Ballerina Ornament

Set of Three Little Girl Ballerinas Ornaments

Western Rustic Cowboy Farm Plastic Barb Wire Garland

Ceramic Wild Salmon Trout Fish Salt Pepper Shakers

Rustic Vintage Style Large Red Metal Truck

Rustic Cabin Vintage Style Boat Cushion in Red

Rustic Cabin Vintage Style Boat Cushion in Blue

Rustic Cabin Vintage Style Boat Cushion in Red

Midwest Rustic Cabin Vintage Style Boat Cushion

Rustic Cabin Vintage Style Boat Cushion in Gold

Rustic Cabin Vintage Style Boat Cushion in Green

Silver Wire Clip Birdnest w GlassEggs Ornament

Silver Money Tree Hooks Hangers Scroll Craft Christmas

Rustic Cabin Style Glittering Deer Night Light

Midwest Ceramic Brown Trout Fishing Ornament

Midwest Cannon Beach Ceramic Large Mouth Bass Ornament

Vintage Rustic Cabin OutBoard Boat Motor Wall Art

Midwest Electric Glittering Night Light Candle

Rustic Cabin Style Glass Christmas Goose Ornament

Rustic West Style Metal Detailed Cowboy Boot Ornament

Midwest of Cannon Falls Noahs Ark Rustic Lodge Style

Wall Enhancers Vinyl Lettering Decorative Wall Graphics
Free Quick*Sell Gallery from ISDN*tek

If you need to have the items shipped faster, we will simply subtract the FREE First Class mail and only charge you the difference for a faster method of shipping.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rare Snow on The Winchuck River Oregon

It doesn't snow very often in Brookings, Oregon, but we had some earlier in the week. I added a couple pictures showing what it usually looks like when it isn't deciding to bless us with some snow. It has stayed cold enough to keep snow under the bushes and high in the hills. The sun is shinning brightly showing off sparkling frost on the roof tops. I will enjoy it while it last. It will soon go back to our normal 55 degrees or higher; which is the usual for December. Enjoy!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Finding Your Website on America's Wild River's Coast

Many businesses on America's Wild River's Coast have websites,
but do potential
customers know about them?

A group of local business owners with expertise in marketing to the Internet population have formed a group called LookWhosOnline.com.

They have developed a website directory to inform the internet population about the many businesses in our area who have products and services to sell on-line.

LookWhosOnline.com will operate as an E-Commerce Committee under the auspices of the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce. There are monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m located at the EVENT CENTER behind Tangles Salon at 800 Chetco Avenue. LookwhosOnLine provides face-to-face dialogue on how to improve your Internet presence along with how to take good pictures, marketing, web design, basic html and networking between members.

We welcome web businesses along America's Oregon Wild River's Coast, who would like to be listed in this on-line directory. LookWhosOnline.com will also be working to put together co-op advertising with local media to inform local consumers of the directory and to direct them to our online businesses.

Founding members of LookWhosOnline.com are Jude Hodge, from GPSSpecials.com , a local internet marketer and eBay seller; Karen Clark, of WinchuckRiverStore.com, an eBay seller and trainer; Bill Johnson of WesternMerchantServices.com and Steve Hernandez, who is serving as our webmaster.

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