Monday, February 25, 2008

How to Save Your Planet

Green is finally something we think of often these days. Do you remember when we thought of as strange when we stuffed our children's waste papers in our purse and tried to buy only green items, or didn't buy plastic or styrofoam containers for our own use? Those days are gone! Thank goodness. I was strange for way too long!

I noticed on Ophra's website a list of ways we could save our planet. Now I know that we all know Ophra and maybe many of us go to her website, but just in case...I want to share that link with you: How to Save Your Planet. She makes a list of very simple steps that we can all think about doing. Even those of who don't care yet, could do these without any work on our part. They are easy steps that we could talk to our children about and maybe our neighbors and friends.

I'd like to see a pledge given between friends. Pledges often can work. I often find that if I pre-decide things then I don't have to think about it again. It just happens because it becomes part of me. I don't think about whether to be honest. It happens because I have decided that it is what I am. I am a green thinking person because I have decided that is who I am. No decisions need to be made. It is so much easier to work that way.

My friends came to know me for my cloth napkins that I used for years. I had oodles of them handed down from my great grandmother and filled in my needs with garage sale napkins. I have a drawer full of them. I use them all, iron them all at once and then start over. I iron like two times a year! I love the napkins because they are so I have never felt the need for paper napkins and find them inferior to cloth. How do you work that sticky stuff off your fingers with paper? I have a dear friend, Becky Cecil, who even bought me a book on how to fold napkins in hundreds of different fancy ways. She said that I was the only person she knew who used cloth napkins. For me, it was a simple statement made. I feel we must all make those statements to make our world a better place to be. It may not be a statement that helps us but it may help our future. What world do we want to leave behind for our grandchildren and their children? All that we do doesn't need to be just for us.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meyda Tiffany Lighting

Winchuck River Store has found a new source of some incredibly nice rustic lighting. I managed to list some of their product that they have on sale yesterday. Listing is a very time consuming job, so it will take days not hours to get all our new product listed. I have put a picture here of a German Shepard that is very interesting. I imagine that only a German Shepard owner would purchase this lamp or maybe a Vet office.

Now, this Craftsman inspired lamp, is much more marketable because of the love we have for this style. It looks good in most homes, but especially in the casual rustic style that we promote on our website.

The company Meyda Tiffany, carries two lines that are completely our style of rustic metal and glass and sometimes wooden lamps for both the inside and outside. We will try very hard to get these listed in the next few days. Meanwhile, you can browse our website to see all the new product that we have listed. We also added a Decorating Idea page, where we will be putting pictures of our products used in many ways along with decorating tips that will help you understand just how to get the look you want. We would appreciate hearing from you as to what you would like for us to cover. Although Winchuck River Store is a selling venue, we would like to make it a place to go where we can share ideas and thoughts from not only our customers, but people who love the rustic. We might like to feature someone and their lifestyle. Think how interesting that might become! So, please communicate with us. Tell us your story and you just might become internet infamous!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Decorating for Spring

Winchuck River Store Introduces Spring

Easter is coming soon. It isn't too early to think about how you are going to bring in this joyous season when new life is about to emerge from a long winter's nap. We have made a slide show illustrating the use of 7 of our current products that can be used for an Easter display. I made up two of the baskets that I am giving to my Children to use for their family. I am sure that their children will enjoy having the spring celebration basket with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny standing nearby. I used a box of eggs, moss pad, bunny rabbits, duckweed twig basket, Easter ribbon and a happy bird to decorate with. All of the items are for sale on our website,

I ran into a picture from a Magazine of a design by Martha Stewart that I believe we can re-create ourselves using a wooden or ceramic planting bowl, some filler such as paper or some sort of mounding could be simply some clean sand and add some of our faux moss over the top of the mound. I know the moss in the picture appears to be the real thing, but some of us would rather have a non-organic version. We might have allergies or wish a cleaner option.

Easter will come and go, but you still have our duckweed and twig basket. What do we use it for now. Well, look how pretty some of our pears look in the basket! I also love the pears in my own metal basket. They never rot nor does my husband eat them faster than I can keep the supply re-stocked.

More is coming very soon, so don't forget to check back in. We would love to hear about your ideas and how you use our product or similar product. Just use the Contact button on the top of the page to email us.

this is a copy of the decorating page from our website


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