Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Longest Day Movie Original Storyboards

Robert Mitchem

John Wayne

Zanuck, head of Fox Studios

The mayor of a small French town coming to the aid of the invading forces to liberate them.

Two soldiers

I have just listed several storyboards of the movie, "The Longest Day". This movie was a epic war movie showing the WWII invasion of Normandy. This movie had every movie star it could think of playing a role. Richard Burton was flown over to France for one day of shooting! Some of the actual participants in the original battle took part in the movie as extras but were not given any credits for their parts. If you remember the movie at all, Red Buttons played the paratrooper in the church bell tower. That was an incredible scene!

I did a lot of research on the movie along with the actual historical reports on the famous battle. I will be doing a synopsis of what I found early in January. I found out some very interesting things about the people who actually were involved. I have included some of the storyboards here along with other pictures from the movie. Go to to see the other storyboards that I have listed. The art work was done by Mentor Huebler, who was a very well known artist. His storyboards have sold successfully at auction houses. I hope they sell as well on our website! I have priced them after researching the sales price for similar pieces of his work. I will consider reasonable offers and sell them in groups or the complete set. Of course, if you want the complete set that we are offering, you better act fast as to get them before someone picks up a few.

I hope we can bring in the true value of these storyboards for Elmo. Elmo Williams is building a glass chapel, Capella by the Sea, here in Brookings, OR in memorial to his late wife, Lorraine. I am sure the money from these storyboards will be a welcome source of funding for this beautiful building; which Elmo is donating to the city after it is built. The foundation is in and the chapel should be completed next spring.

Along with the storyboards, the buyer will get a letter of thanks from Elmo; which will add value to the purchase, as Elmo also worked on this film. He was head of production for Fox Studios in Europe during the time this film was made. He has told me stories about directing the flight scenes; which was quite an exciting task! Elmo Williams is an Oscar Winning movie producer and editor of many films. He had a 53 year career in the movie industry.

Happy New Year! I will write more about this film in a following blog. Come back often to see what is new at Winchuck River Store.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Rustic Decor for

Here are more items that I just ordered today for my website, I think they fit in really well with the other rustic decor items we have for sale. I can imagine the Chicken Creek Paultry Farm clock looking very nice in a warm inviting cabin style kitchen.
This bear clock would stand out in my Pacific Coast Wild River Coast of Oregon Family room; where I celebrate the wilderness that surrounds me with a sense of joy and freedom. The clock pictures lack their hands and the pendents that hang from the bottom. They will cost $52.50 for an eleven inch clock on my website.
What a marvelous Goose. For anyone loving the elegant goose that keeps our property safe from strange animals, this clock would be a fabulous gift!
We live on the Pacific Ocean. This candle has the fresh smell of Ocean Breezes! I also love the lable that fits in really well with my wild look.
Elk live in our surrounding hills. I can hear them calling at dusk and early morning. This is a cinnomon smell that will add warmth and welcome to any home. If you are selling your property, they say this smell makes everyone sense that they would love to spend time in your house. It reminds them of apple pies baking or cinnomon cookies being made.

Come visit soon at We are adding more product on a daily basis! This product will most likely be loaded in our site for sale in another week after we receive shipment. See you there!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After Christmas

Happy New Year!

Here are some of the wonderful luxurious bedding items from Wooded River. Wooded River allows for us to carry everything they offer with a drop ship ability. I have purchased several pieces along with the fabric samples for their Lodge Collection, so that I can truthfully describe what I am selling. Winchuck River Store is allowing all Wooded River purchases to be given FREE SHIPPING. Wooded River is quite expensive and we are hoping to make them more available to our customers by removing the shipping cost to the decision on whether to buy or not. I believe that we offer the best prices on the net for Wooded River bedding. If you do not see just what you want listed on our website, don't hesitate to contact us to let us know what Wooded River product you want. We will be happy to provide fabric sample of the Lodge collection along with a quote for the pieces you desire.

It is has been one month from the time of my last blog. I've been busy wrapping my head around actually loading product into my website. I have it all figured out now. I can do it well, but it is not nearly as fast as I would hope for! I will continue to load more product and hopefully finish within the next week!

Christmas was very different for us this year. It is the first year that I have not spent with my children. I had my first child in 1965, so that is a very long time and many Christmas mornings later. My son adopted a new baby; which happened right before Christmas. What a wonderful memory Christmas will have for them from this year and forever. With the adoption laws being very restrictive, they had to spend three weeks in a hotel with the baby; while the legal papers were finalized. We were not sure that they would even make it home in time for Christmas. They actually arrived home the day before Christmas! I will go down the first week of January to check out my new grandson after the family has settled into their baby routine and get life going in a normal way again. Since I will be Napa, California, I will be checking out new products and even delivering a purchase made by an eBay customer. Napa is a delightful place with great decorating items and ideas. They have a luxurious rustic look to a lot of their best places! I love rustic and I also love luxurious, so I'll be in hog heaven!

I'd love it if you would take a moment to comment on our blog. It could determine the direction we take in promoting our website on the web and it is always great to get feedback. Thank you.

My blog is primarily to promote my business on eBay and on my new website I am hoping that if you happen upon my blog, your interest will be nudged into hopping over to see what we have to offer. I am posting a few pictures of items that I have available and some products that simply are not listed yet. Just keep checking in by bookmarking our website to see us become the internet presence that will be a favorite place to shop in.


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