Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Longest Day Movie Original Storyboards

Robert Mitchem

John Wayne

Zanuck, head of Fox Studios

The mayor of a small French town coming to the aid of the invading forces to liberate them.

Two soldiers

I have just listed several storyboards of the movie, "The Longest Day". This movie was a epic war movie showing the WWII invasion of Normandy. This movie had every movie star it could think of playing a role. Richard Burton was flown over to France for one day of shooting! Some of the actual participants in the original battle took part in the movie as extras but were not given any credits for their parts. If you remember the movie at all, Red Buttons played the paratrooper in the church bell tower. That was an incredible scene!

I did a lot of research on the movie along with the actual historical reports on the famous battle. I will be doing a synopsis of what I found early in January. I found out some very interesting things about the people who actually were involved. I have included some of the storyboards here along with other pictures from the movie. Go to to see the other storyboards that I have listed. The art work was done by Mentor Huebler, who was a very well known artist. His storyboards have sold successfully at auction houses. I hope they sell as well on our website! I have priced them after researching the sales price for similar pieces of his work. I will consider reasonable offers and sell them in groups or the complete set. Of course, if you want the complete set that we are offering, you better act fast as to get them before someone picks up a few.

I hope we can bring in the true value of these storyboards for Elmo. Elmo Williams is building a glass chapel, Capella by the Sea, here in Brookings, OR in memorial to his late wife, Lorraine. I am sure the money from these storyboards will be a welcome source of funding for this beautiful building; which Elmo is donating to the city after it is built. The foundation is in and the chapel should be completed next spring.

Along with the storyboards, the buyer will get a letter of thanks from Elmo; which will add value to the purchase, as Elmo also worked on this film. He was head of production for Fox Studios in Europe during the time this film was made. He has told me stories about directing the flight scenes; which was quite an exciting task! Elmo Williams is an Oscar Winning movie producer and editor of many films. He had a 53 year career in the movie industry.

Happy New Year! I will write more about this film in a following blog. Come back often to see what is new at Winchuck River Store.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Rustic Decor for

Here are more items that I just ordered today for my website, I think they fit in really well with the other rustic decor items we have for sale. I can imagine the Chicken Creek Paultry Farm clock looking very nice in a warm inviting cabin style kitchen.
This bear clock would stand out in my Pacific Coast Wild River Coast of Oregon Family room; where I celebrate the wilderness that surrounds me with a sense of joy and freedom. The clock pictures lack their hands and the pendents that hang from the bottom. They will cost $52.50 for an eleven inch clock on my website.
What a marvelous Goose. For anyone loving the elegant goose that keeps our property safe from strange animals, this clock would be a fabulous gift!
We live on the Pacific Ocean. This candle has the fresh smell of Ocean Breezes! I also love the lable that fits in really well with my wild look.
Elk live in our surrounding hills. I can hear them calling at dusk and early morning. This is a cinnomon smell that will add warmth and welcome to any home. If you are selling your property, they say this smell makes everyone sense that they would love to spend time in your house. It reminds them of apple pies baking or cinnomon cookies being made.

Come visit soon at We are adding more product on a daily basis! This product will most likely be loaded in our site for sale in another week after we receive shipment. See you there!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After Christmas

Happy New Year!

Here are some of the wonderful luxurious bedding items from Wooded River. Wooded River allows for us to carry everything they offer with a drop ship ability. I have purchased several pieces along with the fabric samples for their Lodge Collection, so that I can truthfully describe what I am selling. Winchuck River Store is allowing all Wooded River purchases to be given FREE SHIPPING. Wooded River is quite expensive and we are hoping to make them more available to our customers by removing the shipping cost to the decision on whether to buy or not. I believe that we offer the best prices on the net for Wooded River bedding. If you do not see just what you want listed on our website, don't hesitate to contact us to let us know what Wooded River product you want. We will be happy to provide fabric sample of the Lodge collection along with a quote for the pieces you desire.

It is has been one month from the time of my last blog. I've been busy wrapping my head around actually loading product into my website. I have it all figured out now. I can do it well, but it is not nearly as fast as I would hope for! I will continue to load more product and hopefully finish within the next week!

Christmas was very different for us this year. It is the first year that I have not spent with my children. I had my first child in 1965, so that is a very long time and many Christmas mornings later. My son adopted a new baby; which happened right before Christmas. What a wonderful memory Christmas will have for them from this year and forever. With the adoption laws being very restrictive, they had to spend three weeks in a hotel with the baby; while the legal papers were finalized. We were not sure that they would even make it home in time for Christmas. They actually arrived home the day before Christmas! I will go down the first week of January to check out my new grandson after the family has settled into their baby routine and get life going in a normal way again. Since I will be Napa, California, I will be checking out new products and even delivering a purchase made by an eBay customer. Napa is a delightful place with great decorating items and ideas. They have a luxurious rustic look to a lot of their best places! I love rustic and I also love luxurious, so I'll be in hog heaven!

I'd love it if you would take a moment to comment on our blog. It could determine the direction we take in promoting our website on the web and it is always great to get feedback. Thank you.

My blog is primarily to promote my business on eBay and on my new website I am hoping that if you happen upon my blog, your interest will be nudged into hopping over to see what we have to offer. I am posting a few pictures of items that I have available and some products that simply are not listed yet. Just keep checking in by bookmarking our website to see us become the internet presence that will be a favorite place to shop in.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Creating a Lavish Rustic Lodge Christmas Decor

We have many of these for sale facing in two different directions

Winchuck River Store

This lovely pillow is from Wooded River. We have it in stock!
Winchuck River Store

Creating a Lavish Rustic Lodge Christmas Decor

This guide is to help with decorating for the Holidays using rustic as the keyword in coming up with the look we want. Many of us like to use rustic as a basis for our Christmas decorating because it takes us back to times long ago when Christmas was much less commercial. It gives us opportunities to come up with venues that don't require trips to the store, buying more items to store away after the holidays. Rustic can use things we have, things we have kept because they have meaning to us and bring our feelings into the mesh of the Holiday activities. If you want your decorating to reflect the warmth and coziness of the past, read more.

Intertwine artificial wreaths with actual natural elements. Visit your yard or a nearby wooded area to gather fallen birch branches, bay leaves, red berries, and pinecones. You can either twist them into the artificial greenery with wire or use a hot glue gun.

To get that lavish rustic Christmas, you can use tapestry, velvets to mingle with the woolen blankets. The rustic decor loves layering. You can use velvet, wools, leathers and tapestry to create just the look we are trying to get. We have pictured a pillow that has the combination of two woolen pieces with pewter and lots of rich fringe. You can be inspired by items like this. I have included a picture of this pillow at the beginning of this blog.

You can also take a long artificial garland, double it and then twist it to make it much fuller to give an oppulent affect. You can also add your gathered natural elements to this garland for a more realistic look. Don't forget those lights that can be placed within the garland.

I have taken 15 x 20 inch samples of luxuriant washable wool fabrics from Wooded River to create a layered rich display on my buffet. I use these samples to send potential buyers. They are finished off with a casual cabin lodge look of the blanket stitch. You can do the same by finding woolen scarves at a local thrift store for little money. The fringe on the scarves would add just another interesting element to the design. Add some greenery, pinecones and other Christmas pieces that make it your own. Drape the edge of each piece at an angle and repeat this across the surface that you are covering until you have just the right amount of layering. It could also be done with an old cut up blanket. Pull the edges until you have the fringe you like or sew your own fringe onto pieces of fabric. I could even see mingling of different fabrics like wool, velvet, tapestry and then put in 3 to 5 old crochet placemats. I happen to have a few of those!

How many of us have an old ski or two or more?? I have 4 out in my shed. I am taking 2 of them as the main focal point of a porch display. I saw on HGTV where they actually added ribbon to the skiis. I am now dissapointed that I sold the German ribbon I had in my closet for years! Darn! I found an old pair of black ice skates at a garage sale for $1.00 that will just add a strong accent. You could add glitter to the skates, stuff them with packages or greenery. Keep adding more greenery and natural elements until you have a layers of Holiday cheer. I am going to have warmth, love and welcome at my front door! I think I will add my old red wagon planted with cyclamen and/or poinsettas. Some of you might have a left over sled from your children. A few white lights twisted in and through this display will make an evening entry to my home very festive.

Remember to use natural colors in your displays to reach the truly rustic lodge look. You can use burlap, muslim, woolen blankets, old woolen scarves and grandma's old lace tablecloth for your base. Add, river rock, birch branches and other pieces of nature that you gather. Just in case you didn't see it, on TV on the home channel, they sprayed tips of their tree with copper paint and used amber lights to give added warmth to the tree.

I am taking a lace runner, folding it over and over putting white lights throughout the folds ...might be really fabulous in my for a guest room. Also hanging small lights behind sheer window treatments can make the room magical. Remember that Lavish Rustic doesn't mean it can't be magical.

I have two old woolen blankets that I found at an estate sale. I will use these to make my guest room have an atmosphere of welcome and warmth. Use your old quilts layered on your couch. It is time to bring out all your precious pieces of comfort that sometimes find themselves in the closet, folded in your cabinet or stuffed into a basket. Look at the combination of plaids with woolen prints. It is the look we are going for!

Use your family treasures or pieces from your favorite outdoor activities such as fishing or hunting as part of the decor. I have several signs that will make fine additions to the rustic Christmas look. You can do the whole tree with a theme of outdoors. Gather your collection of birdhouses and perch them in the branches. String the cranberries and popcorn to use in your home and then after Christmas, put that tree out in the yard with the garland for the birds to enjoy. We did this when I was a child. It is a kind and thoughtful tradition to pass on.

I have a large collection of fake fruit. Most of them came from the dollar store. I will spray them with adhesive and toss in a bag with glitter. I might decide to just spray on the top area. You can use your own decision on how much glitter you want. These will be used in my greenery and woolen pieces for my dining area buffet top. These inexpensive pieces of fruit could also be used outdoors wired securely to a garland or wreath with amber lights.

Use some of your own pieces that are perfect for a Lavish Rustic Lodge Christmas. I have a large goose listed in my store Winchuck River Store that would be perfect with a big red bow around her neck! What a Christmas Goose!

Have you thought about other uses for Christmas stockings like tying them to the backs of your dining chairs stuffed with greenery for a fabulous scent and spreading Christmas to every possible corner of your home?

Candles and twinkling lights always add to the Holidays. We even have some made from Aspen logs that the light flickers like a candle! I'm putting those in the windows. We made an arrangement on top of our TV cabinet with one of our lanterns listed for sale at Winchuck River Store. . If I simply layered greenery with the amber lights, I would have just the right look for the Lavish Rustic Lodge Decor for the Holidays.

Stockings could be mounted on your doors so that every entry to a room would bring a smile and more great Christmas smells around your house.

The Christmas Stockings could also have a special gift for your Holiday guest placed at the head of the bed like a pillow or tied to the bed post. I'm afraid that my Christmas guest may never leave after I treat them so well!

Make some gingerbread figures from that great applesauce and ginger recipe to place around the house and hang from the tree. Watch your pets! One year, one of our labs ate some off the tree and ended up covered with hives! We had a polka dot dog. Poor baby was sick to her tummy and needed antihestimines. It takes lots of cinnamon and applesauce and that is about all! I found several internet sites that list variations to this recipe. Just type in Applesauce Cinnamon Christmas Decorations and you will come up with them.

I will add to this list as I start to create my own Rustic Christmas Decor for my home and I'll be providing pictures of some of my successes in getting the look that I can see in my mind's eye.

Remember Christmas is JOY. So, enjoy the process. If it doesn't bring that warm and fuzzy feeling, don't do it. Christmas is the accumulation of years of Christmas cheer. It isn't a chore. It is an act of love and tradition to pass on to our families.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Week

Two new listings in our eBay Store. A gift set made up of a Rustic Christmas Stocking with three gifts and a Lavish Rustic Lodge Pillow from Wooded River. You can also see the pinecone center piece that holds a candle. It is featured in the Bob Timberlake Holiday Catalogue 2006. Visit us at where you will find a link to our eBay Store and lots of other information . Our About Us page on eBay is very nice making it possible to meet us in a very personal way. Come Visit!

Now I can really say, Happy Holidays! The season is upon us. We had a very nice Thanksgiving with my husband's two grown children and their spouses. We spent three days eating way too much and enjoying each other's company.

I made four pumpkin pies from those sweet little pumpkins. We ate two pies before Thanksgiving day! Jim's daughter, Lynnette, made two apple pies. We ate 1 of those and managed to finish off the third pumpkin pie! We had a huge 20 lb turkey with all the trimmings and I made a ham just in case! In case didn't happen, but we enjoyed sandwiches the next day.

I am very grateful for my husband's children, who have learned through the last 19 years to love and appreciate me for who I am. It didn't start off that way, so all of you out there with step children, there is hope. Be who you are, keep loving and they will mature into fine people who can appreciate the choice their parent made in marrying you! Thank you Wayne and Lynnette for being open to loving me!

I am very grateful for my life. There are always things to improve upon. It is important that I manage to evolve into a better human being as time gives me more wisdom. By the time I part this earth, I hope my legacy will be worth leaving behind. It is getting easier with time to know the path that I have to follow. I am not distracted by bright lights of frivilous activities and feel more centered on a path of following my belief system and my heart. I am not always understood, but it isn't as important to me as it used to be. I need to live by my principles even though I often feel even loved ones do not understand.

I had a long conversation with my husband about this path of life and how so much of what we are is where we came from. Actions that we do without thinking that don't always work, but we find it necessary to stay on the normal path instead of finding a better way. It is sad that we get stuck. There is a story about a woman who always cut the end off of her pork roast, so her daughter cut off the end of her roast. When asked why, the daughter said that she did it because her mother had always done that. When her mother was asked why, she answered that it was because she never had a pan large enough to put the whole roast in. We can be quite silly in following what is normal and not always following what is right or even reasonable.

I am old enough now not to be threatened by my past. I don't support it. I don't apologize for it. I try to find a better way, if need be. It is time in my life to worry about my legacy and time to forget about fulfilling expectations based on the past. Today is a new day. Tomorrow is still another new day. We have to choose what is important for the future. I grew up when men clear cut the trees, they consumed way too much energy and they spent lives and money on way too many wars. It doesn't mean that life has to repeat itself over and over. Every once in awhile a man comes along that rocks our foundations. We hate him at first and then he becomes a hero. Jesus Christ, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and men like them did not follow the norm. They made an effort to find a new way that worked better. We can do that in small ways. We can change the course of history if we all decide to leave the past in the past and work for the future. I am trying to make small steps into a better future.

My website hasn't changed yet, but my eBay store is up and running in its new format. I love it. I think it is me. I expect that my customers will feel that they know me. I hope they feel that they can trust that I will work hard to make them satisfied when they choose to do business with me. I laid myself out there, exposing my true self. It seems it is also a time to choose to do business in a more personal manner where I might even find new friends that can teach me new ways to look at the world.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Natural Pet Products

I used this picture of Maggie initiating play with Codie as an example of a pet that just might need a pill to "chill out". She is over the top when it comes to being at the top of any scale on assertion, agressive behavior and inability to ride in a car just taking the time to relax and watch the world go by. She must be on alert ready to strike at the possibility of another dog coming up along side of us. She certainly would not make an ideal RV dog.

I have been searching for product that I can truly say is quality no matter what it is that I sell. I have been reading about different natural remedies for pets and ran across Ark Naturals. It is a product that I can believe in. I am making it the best price I can, so I can share what works with my customers. I will not be an on-line drugstore for our pets, but will offer only a few items that work for my life surrounded with my four dogs and two cats.

I carry Happy Traveler by Ark Naturals because of Maggie. I know many of you in my e-commerce world have pets that you need to travel with. It would be nice to find a natural pet product to help calm them and make them better traveling companions. I also use this product for Codie. She cannot handle thunder storms. We don't have many of them in our part of the world, but when we do, Codie lands on our heads in bed trembling beyond belief. She weighs 85 pounds so it isn't a pleasant experience. We don't have the heart to banish her from her usual sleeping place beside our bed. I can just imagine this poor dog alone in the family room knowing that her life will end at the next crash of thunder. On stormy nights she will have her natural pet remedy warding off the stress of loud thunder and lightening. We have found our stormy nights restful with the sound of falling rain instead of tramatic with a terrified dog on our faces.

Ark Natural's Happy Traveler
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nervous behavior and symptoms associated with motion sickness
  • Non-habit forming
  • All Natural
  • Gentler than prescription tranquillizers
Active Ingredients:

  • Valerian
  • German Chamonmile
  • St. John's Wort

Sadie, like many active labradors, has had two "football knee injuries". She tore her legiments in both her knees. She should be on Glucosamine for the rest of her life. It is hard to get her to take the human counterpart. The pills are very large and the available chewables just don't taste good to dogs. Ark Naturals has a Joint Rescue Super Strength Chewable that Sadie gobbles down like dog candy.

Ark Naturals Joint Rescue Super Strength Chewable is fantastic for helping dogs maintain healthy joints. The combination of ingredients in Joint Rescue Super Strength Chewables work together to maintain the structure of the cartilage in your dog's joints while inhibiting the enzymes that break down cartilage. These ingredients have been scientifically formulated to support and maintain the health of your dog's joints.

The general use of Glucosamine is for dogs that are experiencing arthritic pain. Sadie will have no pain, but she may develope arthritis as she matures. The vet removed quite a bit of arthritis from her knees when he did her surgery. Sadie is only four years old. It is true that dogs age much faster than we do!

Ark Naturals Joint Rescue Super Strength Chewables

  • Vet recommended serving of glucosamine and botanical extracts improves joint mobility and provides comfort for pet's visible discomfort.
  • Each tablet is scored - easy to use.
  • Supports cartilage/joint function
  • Alleviates pain associated with exercise

Active ingredients:

  • 500 mg of glucosamine per wafer (99+%)
  • chondroitin sulfate
  • boswellin extract
  • curcumin (turmeric) extract
  • bromelain extract
  • yucca
  • vaitamins A,C.E, B6, B5
  • methionine
  • calcium
  • zinc
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • copper
  • selenium
  • dried liver powder.

The suggested maintenance level of one Ark Natural Joint Rescue Super Strength Chewable per day works wonders. The Joint Rescue Super Strength Chewable is an all natural joint health formula with 500 mg. of glucosamine per wafer. Pets love the natural liver flavor. Humans love the EASY once a day recommended use!

Once your pet is comfortable and you see no signs of pain or immobility, you may try giving the tablets every other day. Watch your pet and go back to giving it every day, if you see pain and lack of mobility returning. You may also use the maintenance level for normal dogs before they loose mobility and suffer pain. We all have friends and family that swear by the use of Glucosamine; which has remarkable abilities to turn back the hands of time on their abused old joints. It is nice that we can do the same for the pets we love.

Watch for these product for sale. Listing may take some time:

Now we come to Functional, Active Dog & Training Products by Ark Natural

What is a funtional product?

Functional products contain potentially healthful ingredients the result of which may produce attributes such as more freedom of movement and also provide a health benefit beyond the ingredients in the product itself.

Ark Naturals use incredible tasty and healthful at the same time ingredients. The irresistible flavor insures that your dog will be on his best behavior to get his reward. Secondly, it's an efficient way to deliver nutraceauticals that support hip and joint function.

Each strip contains:

  • 56% Real Meat
  • 1000mg of sea cucumber (chondroitin)
  • 500 mg of glucosamine
  • 200 mg of msm

We have chosen to carry Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Venison Jerky; which is a flavor pets will love as much as chicken or beef. I cut the individual strips into 1" pieces to reward in small doses. It is less expensive and is just as affective. It is so much better than a reward that is not healthy. I reward myself with chocolate, but I care more about my pets!

I am starting to own my front gate. I make the dogs quiet down, sit down and act like young ladies when the UPS delivery comes. I reward them with a morsel of healthy real meat, chodroitin, gluscosamine and msm. I am empowered. I own the gate, the dogs are quiet and they are even healthier in the process.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cain & Able Pet Grooming Aids

Picture is Copywrite: 2004 Cain & Able Collection, LLC-All Rights Reserved
Our Website and our eBay Store and are introducing Cain & Able Pet Products. I know that customers hate it when they add the shipping cost onto their purchase and find that the item just cost way too much. So, I have added the shipping cost onto my moderate price of the product, so you don't have to go through the hassel of finding out just how much something cost.

Cain & Able make it possible for us to drop ship many of their products and they have advised me that they use UPS and have provided a list of weights for their products, so I can figure out just how much they will be charging. This makes my inventory area not so over-stuffed and I am able to offer all their products in unlimited amounts. I ordered enough to test the product on our four dogs and to have some great Christmas gifts for my special four-legged friends. Spice, Sugar and Chole will be having a Spa Day soon! Arf! Arf!

Some of your questions may be:

Why does Cain & Able have both conditioning shampoo and conditioner? Are you soppose to use both products and why?

If a dog has longer hair, it sometimes becomes matted and tangled just like our hair. The extra Cain & Able conditioning agents make the coat much more manageable. The Cain & Able conditioner also helps make the coat and fur extra soft and shiny.

What about having a flea product on my dog? Will Cain & Able's products wash it off?

Cain & Able do not add harsh ingredients or stripping agents to their products. You do have to wait at least 24 hours after applying the Advantage or Frontline to bathe your animal.

I have a puppy. Can I use Cain & Able's products on such a young dog?

Cain & Able's shampoo has the same coconut shampoo base as human baby shampoo has. There are no synthetic perfumes, artificial colors or harsh ingredients. It is safe for the most tender of puppies.

So, what is so special about Cain & Able's products?

The Cain & Able Collection combine the rejuvenating experience of visiting a spa with the practical benefit of repelling bugs and fleas. All the products in the Cain & Able Collection are ALL NATURAL. They do not contain harsh detergents; which can cause eye irritations, skin rashes and hair loss. The products are also free from artificial colors and synthetic perfumes. Those chemicals can dry out the fur or hair and cause allergic reactions. All Cain & Able products have been tested on humans first!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Good Things In Life

There are good things in life that are easy to overlook as not important. Gathered together, they surround one with comfort much like a the warmth of a sleeping cat on my lap.

  1. Rereading a favorite book
  2. Remembering the relief of having my teenager return home safe and sound.
  3. A pat on the back when I am feeling down.
  4. A warm fuzzy coat on a cool day.
  5. A sleeping dog having a good dream
  6. A child's giggle
  7. A friend's surprise visit.
  8. A call from my daughter and hearing my grandchild's chatter.
  9. Finding clean flannel pajamas on a cool fall evening
  10. Carrott cake with a good cup of coffee
  11. Curling up in my down chair with a dog nestled next to me.
  12. Finally having my weeds pulled and the yard looking tidy and cared for.
  13. A holiday filled with family and friends
  14. Having an incredibly productive day and feeling the satisfaction of it.
  15. Having someone lend a hand when I am overwhelmed with work.
  16. Watching the dogs swim in the river and feeling their joy.
  17. Walking around the yard late in the afternoon with my husband, looking at the wonders of where we live with the dogs dancing around us enjoying our company as they play.

Aaah, it feels good! Life can sometimes be sad when things don't go our way, but it also has joys.

My list could go on forever once I started thinking of all the small things that make up my good life. Think about what you would add. I bet, these small things are universal to us all. I'd love to hear your comments.

I was feeling a bit sad today about some things in my life when I saw a list I had torn out of magazine called "The Good List" It was little things that calm you down and lift you up. The list they had was not my list, but it started me to think. I have to say, I do feel better remembering those small unimportant things that make up a good life for me.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dog Product Has Been Ordered!

The first picture is a Dog Spa Basket with all product to pamper your precious dog and the second picture is of a sturdy Flying Squirrel to entice your pet to run off some extra energy.

I have made three orders from Pet Supply businesses for product to sell on our new website. I am getting excited! I will be doing a careful study of the products that I have chosen so that I can write a honest review of what I like about what I am selling and if I don't like something about it, you're going to hear that too. I not only found some good product, I met some very nice people. Jade from ChuckIt, where I ordered the Flying Squirrel toy and Aimee from Cain and Able, the incredibly healthy pet shampoo and soap company. I won't be afraid to hang a dog bone soap on a rope around my own neck for a shower! I am sure that Sadie, Mags, Codie and Buffy will enjoy taking a bath with soap for their sensitive skin. Maggie and Buffy can really use a quality soap to get rid of their itchy skin! I also got a prompt call from Castlemere, where I found some dog dishes and canisters decorated with field dogs.

I think everyone will love what I've ordered so far. I will be looking for really great dog leashes and collars, but I don't want $40.00 collars and I don't want what you can find around every corner. Melissa from Cain and Able told me about a hemp dog collar; which I am looking into. I like the idea of using natural products. I think you will like that too. We can always find pet products filled with all sorts of questionable things. It will be nice if you can learn to trust that I will carry only items that will not take away from our environment and will make our world a healthier place to be for not only us, but our animals. If you see a harmful product on my site, please call it to my attention! It's coming soooon!

Monday, October 30, 2006

We Take Casual Seriously

Here on the Southern Coast of Oregon, we take casual seriously! I am determined to share our lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest by selling products that directly relate to what I love and find useful or beautiful. I know many of my neighbors here in the Brookings, Oregon area like Shabby Chic, European Modern, or even Japanese Decor. I personally like my home to reflect my love of what living on the Wild River Coast of Oregon offers. When I am cuddled up on my couch reading, I want to feel much like I do when I am sitting around a campfire with a woolen blanket over my shoulders. I love the touch and feel of camping in the woods. My couch in the family room is covered with a rug that my friend, Elmo Williams, found in Iran in the 1960's while helping to set up Ibex Studios for the former Shah of Iran. The movie, Caravans, was made by Elmo with Ibex starring Anthony Quinn and Jennifer O'Neill. It is a tribal rug made by nomads who would roll it up, throw it over the back of a pack animal and use it as a floor for their next camping spot. The design reminds me of our American Indian blankets. It protects the couch from the labrador hair and my muddy feet, when I'm curled up forgetting to take my shoes off. My mother's dog, Buffy, is in the picture. We rescued her from up the Rogue River where she wondered about for at least ten days before she was taken into the animal shelter. The other dog is Codie, one of the shedding labradors. I simply vacume the rug like I do any rug. It works. It is warm and comforting and I dream of the history that the rug could tell me if it could speak. What great campfire tales that rug could tell!

The metal lanterns that glow like a candle set the mood for the evening and the rustic hand-made lampshade with the elk hidden in the trees just adds more to the theme that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I feel home in my cabin. I feel safe and secure knowing my camp-site has a door and the electricity helps too. I spent years camping from the back of a motorcycle. We only had a pup tent, sleeping bag and a bag of peanuts for breakfast. My new campsite here on the Winchuck has the feeling of a special bed and breakfast where I am pampered while still feeling the great outdoors. I have a great walking stick hanging by the door that has a screw off tip where I can place my camera for a steady hand while taking pictures when I venture out

Visit our website a to find out what you can purchase from us to share our seriously casual lifestyle. We have many Christmas gift ideas too.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Antique European Hand-Forged Hinges

One of my neighbors up river has done her kitchen in a Tuscany look. She has a pantry door that looks like it is 200 years old or older and uses this type of hinge on it. The look of the decor is outstanding. We have three of these hinges for sale. Elmo Williams collected them while living in Europe. They are out of ancient European buildings. Do you have a door that needs this incredible accent piece? Contact me at if this is something you are interested in. The hinges are worth approximately 100-150 dollars each. You can buy reproductions, but they won't have that aged hand made feel and look of these amazing hinges. Two of our hinges are the same size and the other is slightly larger. Elmo used them staggered on a wall as art.

Monday, October 23, 2006

New Product Has Come In

New Product came in today to sell on eBay and on my website...whenever it is completed with the shopping cart.

I find the first image interesting as it not only shows the new bear mirror, but the ledge above the new closet that Jim, my dear husband, built me so that I would have more room for product storage. I call it my attic. You can see my old suitcases full of treasures along with my snow shoes I bought in Canada years ago and a lovely basket that a customer sent to me. It reminds me of grandma's old attic where you can find all sorts of things. This will alert you to look closely in my product pictures. You may be surprised at what you find!

This bear mirror is very heavy and has the quality that I love to sell. Customers never complain when you ship quality merchandise!

Remember to check in on a regular basis to see what I have added to my store on eBay. Hopefully, I will be directing you to my website soon.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A New Picture for Rustic Decor


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